Women Of The World Series

Intimate, small and charming best describe this new monoprint series….abstracted figurative shapes with minimalistic details hinting at Women of the World. Each has subtle differences, grouped in several broad color palates. Each monoprint of "Women of the World" is able to stand-alone or be matched with several others for a “mini collection”.

Initially created in the summer of 2002 and yearly since then, I explored watercolor as a printing ink. Using a piece of Plexiglas as a painting surface, paint is applied in various colors and designs, pre wetted paper is placed over the painted Plexiglas and run through a printing press. The ink is absorbed onto the paper transferring the color and design. One original is produced, hence the name “monoprint”. Many were left as is; others were stamped, rolled or embellished individually with pencil or brushwork as a final stage.

The Women in this series are playful and intriguing. The figures are fluid, soft and expressive....no two viewers have the same story for who they see in the monoprint.! They are peaceful, miniature studies of Womanhood showing her beauty and simplicity.

Some figuratives are dramatic, some are whimsical, some fun and playful.“Women of the World” figuratives are mysterious, some refined, some are guardians, some with babies, some walk alone and others need friends. All are small in scale only.

Now there are over 200 in the series....to many for the website. Visit the Women at a show, gallery or in my studio. I enjoy creating Women of the World for specific spaces and on commission.

All make strong statements about Womanhood - its diversity and solidarity of Spirit.

Kay Martin, N.A.P.A.
Revised: August 31, 2005