Spirit of the Land

“Spirit of the Land" has been Kay Martin’s most extensive study of one theme in her art career. Currently there are 215 original collage pieces in the series. It began in the Fall of 1998. To date it has successfully toured and sold in exhibitions & galleries in Texas, Oklahoma and the Southwest.

For this series, Kay works from memories and sketches of her travels capturing the majesty of the natural earth. The image sizes are small (8" x 8" or 5" x 13"), intimate & introspective studies. "I needed to capture my relationship to the earth's energy changes as the new millennium approached." The patterns and chaos of fallen leaves, twigs or stones fascinated me. From this minute detail in studies, to the grand scale of sweeping vistas, mountains and plains; this earth is amazing, so alive with splendor, color and shapes. “

Collage - the application of many layers of rice and fiber papers - is a perfect medium to express & explore the earth's own layering techniques. Rice papers are first water colored are utilized to built the abstract terrain. Layer upon layer of paper, color and texture reminds us of the complexities, frailty, emotion and beauty of earth expressing herself. Elements of wind, water and sun play and intensify the songs and colors of the land, the scars and age of earth is felt as texture and form... the Spirit of the Land...is born.

Each collage speaks of the majesty of the land directly to the heart of the viewer encouraging each person to unlock their own relationship to the earth and her energy.

Kay Martin, N.A.P.A.
Revised: February 22, 2001