“Fuzzy” or soft focus. Things aren’t always precise, neat and tidy. You can’t always “see” everything clearly no matter how you try. We think we are in control. Let go!

The Reflection Series combines fewer technical tools than normally used by the artist, metallic paint is used as a wash, and acrylic paint is used for texturing. Modeling paste, gloss mediums and gels have been used to form a three dimensional relief in some paintings.The simplicity of the technical painting techniques allows the viewers imagination to comtemplate the nature and form of the original object being reflected or just enjoy the dance of colors.

There’s not enough information for our analytic brain to determine what the original object could have been. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer for each of the reflections. They just are there. It’s something that the analytic mind can disengage form and allow the creative (and imaginative) part of the brain have “playing” space. These faculties can follow the colors, patterns and shapes creatinga rest period….a space for Reflection. The colors can suggest moods or emotions as non-representational art often does. The viewer can return to the “real” world refreshed from a short creative “vacation”. There’s something new to see and experience each time.

The Reflection Series is a visual reminder to disengage from everyday life and problems, take a creative break and allow oneself to “see” through new eyes.

“Reflection.... has been my personal journey for the past three years to uncover this truth for myself.” Kay Martin

Kay Martin, N.A.P.A.
December 2007