Mountainscapes Series

Vibrant, mysterious, colorful and full of surprise best describes this new series- Mountainscapes. Images are abstracted mountains - darker and dramatic, demanding the viewer to take time and journey through the painting.

During a “plein aire “ workshop in Crede, Colorado several years ago,
I encountered mountains in a new way. I had been a hiker for years, an occasional skier but only while watching and painting them did I realize the depth and power of the mountain “moods”. Every few minutes the mountains would change, based upon the sunlight, rain, clouds, wind, fog etc.. I wanted to capture it all….all, at once. Other artists could capture “ a moment’s grandeur” of a mountain, but not a range of lights; it’s moods and ultimately the mountains “alive” or “individual” qualities.

I needed to find new painting techniques to add interest, diversity and drama to each mountainscape “mountain portrait”. I wanted to capture the moodiness of mountains rather than painting a static object.

Differing technique wise from my other collages, the Mountainscapes combine awider variety of tools. It took several years to create the technique that includes the addition of layers, incising (cutting through) those added layers to form new textures and a variety of blended papers, beads, pumice/sands to form the mountains. A variety of water media paints (acrylic, metallic paint, gouche and watercolor) are applied to combine and/or repel each other producing unexpected effects that alter the reflective quality of the paint viewed under different light sources. Paints are both applied with a brush and poured through the textured surface. Controlling the process is limited but subtle.

This Mountainscape Series is technically layered and time intensive. It is a totally unique combination of techniques that is the “signature” and appeal of the series.

Kay Martin, N.A.P.A.
Revised: December 2007