An intimate and highly personal series, “Nudes 2007” defines the depth and balance between the dark and light in each of us. What is not said is often the truth. Chaos, egos and lies are woven into moments of insight, passion and pleasure. Stillness, peace, and calm can be felt from these women. Life is full of surprises. The paintings use lines and shading to create the three dimensional form of each woman.

Emotion is conveyed by subtle color throughout the series. Some brown or golden highlights “peek” through the charcoal to soften or give emphasis.

Acrylic paint on “Beth”, “Nicki” and “Anne” help define each woman from her background. She stands apart from her past, but is partly defined by the past’s effects.“Nicki” references the “golden” inner essence/aspects of all women.

Enjoy the female human form….it’s diversity, strength and power.

Kay Martin, N.A.P.A.
December 2007