Vibrant, mysterious, colorful and full of surprise best describes this new series – Earth Elements. Images are abstract - darker and dramatic, demanding the viewer to take time and journey through the painting.

Earlier in 2000 I had completed my “Elemental Realities” series which was based on the Chinese “5 element theory”. Everything on this earth and in the universe is made up of a combination of the elements of fire, earth, water, wood and metal. Each element has a color, sound, vibration, sentiment and philosophical information and beliefs attached to it.

As a result of “Elemental Realities” I began painting candles (symbolic of the fire element) and deeper, richer, darker backgrounds for my new collages which evolved into Earth Elements. It took me several painting/collages to see the pattern emerging “Earth Lines, Earth Times, Electra, Earth Power & The Earth Cries from Deep Within”. The series took shape and theme without my noticing it and it is still in progress.

Many of the Earth Element images show chaos, complexity and harmony in full dance. “Earth Times” looks like it is pulsating with motion; “and the Earth Cries Deep from Within” has a slower pace giving us the feeling of enduring stability and the constant vigilance of mountains and caves.

Differing technique wise from my other collages, the Earth Series combines a wider variety of tools. There are prismacolor sticks and pencils used for detailing, metallic paint used as a wash, acrylic paint layering used for texturing as well as the oriental rice and fiber papers painted and applied. Several Earth Element collages boldly combines one whole 8” x 8” Spirit of the Land” images used as a design feature. One of a kind, monotype prints from the artist have been torn up and used as color and design elements adding interest, diversity and drama to the finished work. “Nothing is sacred. This Earth element series is very eclectic and demanding. If I see the right color or texture in another painting of mine it can easily be utilized (torn) and incorporated (pasted) within seconds. That’s the fun, power and surprise of Earth Elements.”

Kay Martin, N.A.P.A.
Revised: February 22, 2001