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A new medium for this artist, MOSAICS! Martin uses glass, tile, mirror, beads, wire, semi precious stone, ceramic pieces and found objects to bring her mosaics to life.
“This is a new creative venture for me, I am excited to bring my design ideas to architectural installations via the ancient art of mosaic, using modern materials”, so says the artist.

Women of the World Series

Intimate, charming, small is size and big on attitude……Women of the World. Each one is an original monoprint, painted on plexiglass with watercolors and pulled through a printing press. Texture, wetness of the paper and paint create each as an individual art piece. Each monoprint declares ….all women are unique.

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Couples Series

Vibrant, fun, colorful, mysterious and sometimes emotional, the Couples Series reminds us of the best in our love relationship. The paintings are visual queues to why we love being in love.

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Tuscany Series

Is it the history, or the vibrancy of its colors, the light, the food, the wine, the olive groves, the majestic manicured landscapes or ancient cities filled with rare art that makes Tuscany a wonder? What makes us fall in love with Tuscany?

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Mountainscape Series

“Mountain portraits” capture the moods and constantly changing light of mountains. Kay Martin, an Austin TX artist, devised a new mixed media technique to showcase this series. As the light source changes during the day and evening in your house or office, so the mountain reflects or holds the light and shows you a new aspect of itself. Fascinating!

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Reflections Series

Abstract art in soft focus; you can’t always “see” everything clearly no matter how hard you try. This series is designed to allow your analytical mind to take “a mini vacation”. Just enjoy the color and the creative flow of the artwork. Note: Is the color vibrating or shimmering?

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